BuildeRoid – Training Programs For Muscle Building and Weight Loss

Hello friends. My name is Ted Ferrell. For many years I have been doing free development of standard diets and training programs in the gym, or their adaptation, for a variety of purposes. This can be both a building of muscle mass or weight loss, and much more. For example, it can be a specialized training program in the gym for a single athlete or runner.

Most of these programs and diets, as well as the principles of their compilation, I post with free access on This site is conceived as a Wikipedia by Ted Ferrell for those of you who are developing your body in the gym or at home. Here are training programs for both men and women. As for beginners and for athletes of the highest level. As for body weight gain, and for getting rid of subcutaneous fat. Both in the gym and at home. On this site you can find a detailed description of various exercises for all muscle groups of your body. As well as structured information on the technique of their implementation, and the rules of integration in your training complex.

In addition to training programs, this site contains structural information on proper nutrition for weight loss and for muscle mass gain. I consider not only the principles, but also practical options for making a diet and a menu for weight loss or weight gain. In addition, there is a constant access to the tables calculating BMI and caloric content for your diet. You can quickly and easily make up the right diet.

All the articles that you see on this  site are copyright. I do not use foreign content, but place only my materials. And I have three very strict criteria for selection. The main criterion of the article is its benefit! The second criterion is accessibility for understanding. The third criterion is interest.

I think that a person must develop in a balanced way. Building muscles is certainly good. However, you still need to train your mind and emotional sphere in order to be happy and sufficient.

How to optimize time and improve your efficiency, how to pump up the brains and learn how to memorize a lot of information, how to become successful in dealing with other people, how to form new useful habits, and so on. Well, you will find a lot of new and interesting things on this site. Welcome!