A Great Home Workout For Ladies

Home Workout For Ladies

Has it always been your dream to have a great beautiful body? Even mothers can have that beautiful body. It is never too late to work out for that great body. I even read an article once that there was this old female bodybuilding at her 70’s who just started when she was at her 50’s. And oh boy, she still looks great up until now. So for those who wanted to have that great beautiful body, here are some easy workouts for you especially if you wanted to compete for a female bodybuilding competition. Who knows, just a thought.

Well for most full-time moms, they can’t just go out to the gym and have their training whenever they want to. Not to worry because you can have those training at home without having to use all those workout equipment but you can use some cheap resistance bands that you can get like on the Big Buck store and do the training at your most convenient time. Here are some of the female bodybuilding workouts for the beginners that you should try and do for about at least thirty minutes.

10 Minutes of burpees for cardio

– It should be a nonstop, no break for this workout in order to get your heart rate up.

5 Minutes of pushups

– As soon as you’re done with burpees, you can go 5 minutes for you’re chest, like going down on your knees and have your torso perfectly aligned with your legs and do some pushups. Take as many breaks as you need.

5 Minutes of rows and squats

– Then you can try working out with your back; do some rows and squats alternating 15 reps of each for 5 minutes.

5 Minutes of Biceps curls and side raise

– Do some biceps curls and lateral raise still alternating 15 reps of each. Just make sure to do it nice and slowly when doing lateral raise in a control motion in order for the shoulder to be in place.

5 Minutes of front planks

– Do some planks for your abs for 5 minutes but then you’re probably start to shake, that’s fine, go down then take as many breaks as you need then get back in it again.

You will get tired, so take breaks when you need them. That’s fine especially you are a beginner for a female bodybuilding routine and hope you like this great home workout for ladies.

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