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Thank you for the words of support we are grateful that we have in some way contributed to your bodybuilding progress. We hope we can carry on inspiring and guiding you to fulfilling your health, fitness and bodybuilding goals With regard to your question about ’muscle bellies’ and how some guys appear to have shorter muscles than others, this simply comes down to genetics.

You see, some of us are born with higher (or lower) insertion points than others. Looking at the upper arm for example, your biceps attach to a tendon that runs down your arm. Most people’s muscle belly attaches to the tendon near the elbow Joint, while some attach higher up (l.e. they have
a higher insertion point), as you suggest yours do this, giving a ‘short’ (but generally more
peaked) appearance.

Calves are another muscle where this Is easy to see. You either have long calves inserting near your
heel or shorter calves inserting further up.

Similarly with the chest, some people never seem to develop a strong upper chest and others do it easily. It is the same thing with the centre of the chest where there is a lot of variation with the gap between the pectoral muscles, and again this comes down to insertion points, which, as I said, are genetically predetermined at birth.

By looking at where your muscles attach to the tendons you can get a good idea of whether you have short or long muscle bellies. Generally speaking, the longer the muscle belly, the greater potential there Is for growth.

The further away from the joint the muscle inserts, the greater leverage advantage.

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