10 Must Know Facts of Muscle Building

facts of muscle building

Muscle building demand sincere dedication of time and extreme amount of efforts.
The speed at which the muscle grows depends on several factors listed below, hence it is rarely a linear process.

1. Its all in the genes

Its very natural to have the same genetic disposition as one’s parents, so there is nothing new that if the parents are naturally thin or have a small body frame then the offspring is predisposed to have the same traits.

But this however does not mean that one cannot build a strong muscular body.

2. Metabolism definitely effects the size.

If you do not gain weight easily whether it is fat or muscle then your metabolism is definitely an efficient, fat burning furnace and your body is burning far more calories than you can consume.

3. Universal weight training program – A myth

There is no such thing as a universal weight training program. Each individual is unique and so are his or her body demands.

The best way however is to follow a program which has already been tested and tried by someone who has the same body type, metabolic rate etc as one’s own.
There are surely some set standard exercises to build muscles but than there is more than to it.

4. An important tip

The basic aim of a weight training program is to stimulate muscle growth. And you would be taking by surprise that it is not working out but taking rest after a workout, which is most important for growth.
The body develops not during a workout but while one rests after the same.

5. How to benefit the most from your workout

Compound exercises having multi muscle movements are more beneficial than isolation exercise, which concentrate only on specific areas in a body. The stress caused by compound exercises results in the greatest release of muscle building hormones in the body.

6. Free weight exercises -A boon

Free weight exercises involve a greater range of motion resulting in more calories burnt and more developed muscles. It also helps in creation of muscular balance and obtain a greater metabolic cost. Beginners can use machines but free weight exercises are always better.

7. Work hard

Work as hard as possible should be the motto to be followed.

Lifting the same weights again and again won’t get you there. In order to build muscles one needs to move on and go heavy gradually. Heavy weight lifting with low reps helps stimulate type 2B muscle fiber, which is responsible for muscle growth.

8. Long training sessions -A No-Go

Muscle stimulation does not mean overstressing oneself.
The catabolic hormones in our body help break down the muscle fibers. Breaking down of muscle fibers is important for rebuilding and repair. But long training sessions results in a dramatic rise in catabolic hormones, which results in more breaking of muscle fibers than repair.

One should thus limit one’s training sessions to not more than 60-75 minutes.

9. Just Aerobics – No a lot more

The fastest way to lose fat is by building muscles and which is possible by taking proper rest after a workout.
Aerobic exercises definitely help lose fat but are least useful if one is eating unhealthy.

10. Eat more often and eat healthy

Eating is an integral part of muscle building.Try to spread your meals from an average of 3 to 6 per day, which means that you eat every 2.5 hours. Spreading your meals helps improve muscle assimilation and your body is not deprived of the calories it needs.

So here you go and all the best!!

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