How To Do Shadow Boxing

shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is GREAT for cardio and for perfecting your technique. Doing  5 minutes of shadow boxing daily can have some dramatic effects for any fighter out there but so many people do shadow boxing wrong or ask me “how do I do shadow boxing?” Well I’ll explain below.

First off, shadow boxing is easy. Just make sure you have a nice amount of space (you don’t need too much, just enough to move and feel comfortable)

Now start off with punches that feel comfortable start at a medium pace, work your jabs, crosses, lead hooks, rear hooks, upper cuts, etc and take notice of what you throw a lot do you neglect throwing the jab? Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable with that right hook or perhaps all your punches are fine BUT you don’t move enough, or you don’t aim for the body you only go for the head etc. The best thing about shadow boxing is it allows you to work out what you do right and wrong. It allows you to work out what you need perfecting!

And once you work it out you can go at a high pace allowing your self to burn fat and calories and increase endurance. I’ve done this for  10 5 minute rounds before and if you do it intense enough it’s every bit as good as sparring for burning fat and building endurance and it allows you to perfect your technique so when you go into sparing you are FAR more prepared for the fight ahead and what you need to accomplish.

I’ve provided a simple video of me below shadow boxing. Something worth noting that I did not mention before is that you can easily throw kicks and knees in shadow boxing if this is in your sport and you wish to perfect these also.

Here is the video of me demonstrating Shadowboxing:

As you can see I threw a variety of punches and kicks without really going into full speed if you notice or find any mistakes correct them, it’s much better to correct them this way and it’ll show when you next do your pad work!

Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope I provided some valuable help and information.

Shadow boxing can be used to either improve your skills and it’s just great for cardio!

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