Why TNA Will Never Compete with the WWE

kurt angle

The most recent “they” storyline seen in TNA is a perfect example of why they will always be the WWE’s red-headed step child. TNA decided to write a storyline based around wrestlers who weren’t under contract to the organization. Reportedly, this angle was supposed to revive the Main Event Mafia, with Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Booker T & possibly Sting. It’s something that could have worked, considering the company is so deep into the Immortal storyline.

Has Immortal turned into the nWo that ruined WCW?

Every week, we see Immortal members throughout the entire show. It’s gotten as bad as the nWo, when half the WCW roster was a part of the group. The angle has quickly grown stale, but the revival of the MEM, could have been a breath of fresh air. Last Sunday, those plans were quickly scrapped. I was in attendance in Boston, Mass., to witness the incredible pop both Booker & Nash received during the WWE’s Royal Rumble pay per view. Both men proved they could still get a crowd behind them. Having a story written around both men in TNA, only to go to the enemy, means that the wrestlers don’t even believe that TNA can succeed.

Booker & Nash jump ship to WWE

With two of the major parts of “they,” rejecting the organization, what can TNA do? It’s too late to change the storyline as “they” were coming just four days after the WWE’s show. The Impact broadcast on 2-3-11 started with Steiner being invited to the ring with Immortal. Eric Bischoff bad mouthed Booker, Nash & Sting, saying they would get destroyed by his group. Nice attempt by TNA to down size the importance of those two men re-joining the WWE. Throughout the show, we see Angle, Steiner & Crimson backstage talking about the night’s happenings.

Who is “they?”

With only 25 minutes left on air, and just the TNA World Title match left on the show, you had to expect the angle to interfere with the main event. When the referee was knocked unconscious, we saw Immortal make their way to the ring, despite Jeff Hardy’s wishes beforehand. After every member of Immortal got their hands on Mr. Anderson, Fourtune made their way into the ring, and took out Immortal. AJ Styles hit the Styles Clash on Hardy to help Anderson get the three count and the victory.

It’s an interesting twist on a storyline that could have been ruined by Booker & Nash. I think TNA has been trying to turn Styles face again and this presented their best opportunity to do so. I’m not convinced about Kazarian being a top level face, but in the group, it works because he is so talented in the ring. Beer Money has been the best tag team in wrestling for years, whether they work as heels or face, so this alliance with Angle, Steiner & Crimson makes sense.

I don’t think it has the same appeal to the average wrestling fan, since most fans were expecting “they” to be outsiders, but the talent of Fourtune will make it work. My biggest issue is TNA spent all this TV time promoting “they” and got it turned back in their faces. As a company, they need to make sure if they were are going to invest valuable time on Impact, they are spending it on guys who are under contract. Until they learn their lessons like Vince McMahon did years ago, they will always be second rate.

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