Women Division

Women Division

Courage Award: Ronnie Coleman. Think double-hip replacement in August yup, both hips, only a week apart could keep the Big Nasty from being honoured as one of the 13 men who have ever won the Sandow? It was great seeing him cut up with long-time rival lay Cutler on the Olympia stage and watching him

chat with the fella who joins him as the all-time record holder with eight wins, I.ee Haney. Add the appearance of the Big Bella, and you had the three guys regarded by most as the greatest bodybuilder of all time in one place. Take your pick; no wrong answer here.

Appreciation Award: Jackson.

I don’t think most people realise just how spectacular Dexter has been since turning pro in 1998 at the North Americans. I already mentioned his amazing resume, but it’s time to update it. After his third-place finish at Arnold Europe the week after the O and the win in Dubai a week later, it’s 65 top-five finishes out of 71 contests. Sure, others have racked up amazing, consistent performances on a yearly basis but have they entered as many shows as Dex? Case closed.

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