WWE Raw Elimination Chamber 2011 Preview & Live Results

wwe raw elimination chamber 2011

For the first time in the history of The Elimination Chamber there won’t be a title on the line when six of Raw’s finest enter the demonic structure, instead a shot at the WWE Championship come WrestleMania is up for grabs.

John Cena Vs Randy Orton Vs R-Truth Vs John Morrison Vs C.M Punk Vs Sheamus at Elimination Chamber 2011

With so much on the line, what chance do the competitors have of earning that coveted slot at the biggest Pay Per View of the year?

Will R-Truth win at Elimination Chamber 2011?

Truth has about as much chance of winning this match as he does running for Presidency at the next elections.

Simply put, he’s there to make up the numbers.

Expect Truth to be the first eliminated, or even removed from the bout and replaced by Nexus’ Mason Ryan or Mark Henry.

Will John Morrison win at Elimination Chamber 2011?

Morrison is the only real ‘high-flyer’ in this chamber match, and is likely to make the most of his current Parcour gimmick with all those chains to grab and swing from.

Normally Morrison wouldn’t be high on the list of candidates for victory here, especially given the creative team’s track record of pushing him to the bring of the main event, only to drop him for no apparent reason, but with it looking likely that The Miz will be holding the WWE Championship come WrestleMania, he has more than a fighting chance.

Will Randy Orton win at Elimination Chamber 2011?

Orton has to go into this one as a favourite, although given his recent run-ins with C.M Punk and his New Nexus, he may be destined for other things come WrestleMania.

However, Orton has already had the opportunity to reclaim the gold and looks more likely to be squaring off against Punk and Co at the biggest Pay Per View of them all.

Will C.M Punk win at Elimination Chamber 2011?

Around the end of 2010 there were strong rumors that C.M Punk would be taking on John Cena for the WWE Championship come WrestleMania, especially when he put WWE’s golden boy out of action and took control of The Nexus, who had also been a thorn in Cena’s side for the majority of the year.

However, due to a combination of The Miz being a stronger champion than expected and Cena being penciled in for a much bigger bout, the plans were scrapped and Punk has been thrown into a rivalry with Randy Orton instead.

It’s unlikely he’ll emerge from the chamber victorious, due to faction leaders immediately losing all ability to fight for themselves, but there’s a chance Raw’s title match at WrestleMania may involve more than two competitors, which would open the door for Punk to join the mix.

Will John Cena win at Elimination Chamber 2011?

It’s rare Cena goes into a #1 contendership match as anything other than a favourite but this could be one of those occasions.

If John Cena is going to be at WrestleMania and he ISN’T in a championship bout, it’s sure to be something big, and so far things are shaping up that way.

The Rock returned to the WWE after a 7 year absence just a week before Elimination Chamber and wasted no time ripping into the leader of the C-Nation.

Nothing has been set in stone, and it may all be a big swerve to stop fans expecting a Cena whitewash at Elimination Chamber, but there are definite rumblings that The Rock may return to action at Mania and John is his primary target, which would obviously rule him out of a victory here.

Will Sheamus win at Elimination Chamber 2011?

Finally, The Celtic Warrior; Sheamus.

Since winning King of the Ring Sheamus hasn’t really been involved in the title picture officially, despite making a nuisance of himself whenever the opportunity arises.

Seemingly destined for a feud with Mark Henry (a far cry from the supposed match against The Undertaker that had been talked about following last year’s WrestleMania) and with only heels likely to carry the title to Mania, Sheamus’ chances here seem incredibly slim.

Factor in the possible return of Triple H in order to set up a rivalry for Mania, and his odds drop even further.

Who will win Raw’s Elimination Chamber at Elimination Chamber 2011?

Raw’s title picture is wide open going into WrestleMania, especially with the possibility that the gold may be defended in a Triple Threat or even Fatal 4 Way bout come the big event.

Going into the event John Morrison actually looks the most sensible bet, with Cena a close second, if a 1 on 1 bout is indeed what they have in mind.

The whole Cena Vs. The Rock situation is up in the air at the minute, but if he doesn’t leave the Chamber as #1 contender it’s looking much more likely to happen than not.

A win for Punk or Orton is likely to set up a bigger title bout at Mania, and then there’s also the slim chance Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler pulls off an unlikely win against The Miz and heads to the biggest show of the year as WWE Champion.

All in all the #1 contendership is wide open, but fans hoping for a top-drawer 1 on 1 bout at WrestleMania will likely be pulling for John Morrison to get the victory here.

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