Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine

arnold schwarzenegger workout

If you want to know more about the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine, you would be surprised to know that this is a workout routine which was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for bodybuilding around 2000 years ago. They knew exactly all about bodybuilding and fitness and that was the reason why they believed in a healthy body in a healthy mind. They also believed that the form of the body had to be exercise in such a manner that every single muscle group stood out perfectly, when displayed. That is the reason why, if you are looking for the Mr Olympia title while making sure that bodybuilding does not become an obsession with ugly looking muscles or distorting the symmetry of your body, you might want to know more about the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine.

First of all, his measurements are 22 inches arms, 57 inches chest, 34 inches waist, 28.5 inches thighs, 20 inches calves and 235 pounds weight. This is when he was in his top form. Some WWF wrestlers have arms of even larger dimensions but these are supposed to be the ideal measurements. So you might want to look at the exercise routine which is going to give you these measurements in a given period of time. Remember that this exercise routine is not going to help you develop muscles overnight. It took about 2 years for Arnold Schwarzenegger to start developing his muscles in a proper manner, and he knows that you are not going to benefit from not doing any exercising. So, you have to get ready for a large number of high sets and high reps which means that every single group is going to be trained 3 times every week. However the abs, the forearms and the calves are going to be trained every single day, so that they continue their muscular growth in a systematic and methodical fashion. The idea is that you are going to be exercising for 6 days continuously in a routine, which is definitely not going to be monotonous. A reason why so many people stop going through the bodybuilding exercises, because their routines are monotonous and that is one in which Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely does not advocate in his workout exercises routine.

First of all, you are going to do a continuous rep range from 5 to 10. He increased number of weights, after he had completed a set so that the muscles could get accustomed to the slight change in weight and develop accordingly. You will be surprised to know that he does not exercise a lot between the reps, because he says that that is asking the muscles to understand that the exercise routine has finished. Apart from that, his exercise workout routine is going to mean training two times in a day without fail. You might want to do supersets, which means that you are going to go through to exercise routines at the same time without any sort of break in the middle. It is going to develop two groups of muscles at the same time.

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