The Best Whey to Bigger Muscle Mass

Best Whey

Many bodybuilders swear by whey protein as one of the best muscle building supplements they know, due to its position as one of the most efficient proteins. Most people know that whey is a dairy product, although many of us do not know much more about it than what we first heard in the nursery rhyme ‘Little Miss Muffet’ all those years ago.

In fact, whey protein is one of the two major dairy proteins, the other one being casein, found as the major ingredient in cheeses. Whey is what is left once milk is curdled and then strained, comprising 20 per cent of milk protein.

Where it becomes so useful for bodybuilding is in its highly efficient digestibility, assimilating rapidly into the system and swiftly becoming available for muscle building. It is particularly useful after training, as it increases amino acid levels in the bloodstream, used by the body to increase muscle mass.

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