‘Birmingham Crane’ to Follow in Bodybuilder Dad’s Footsteps

The Birmingham Mail newspaper reported this week that local steelworker Paul Caldicott is training hard in order to be as good a bodybuilder as his father before him.

Paul Caldicott is being called ‘ The Birmingham Crane’ by colleagues and fellow bodybuilders at his local athletics club, where he undertakes gruelling training sessions daily. The nickname stuck because of his day job, which involves lifting steel.

Paul Senior became a champion bodybuilder at the tender age of 18, and with his son just a year older than that now, the parallels are striking. Paul Junior is training for the qualifying rounds of The United Kingdom Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (UKFBB) South Coast Championships, which are being held this May in Portsmouth.

“I watched my dad with the weights growing up and I like to keep fit,” he told the paper.

“I’m determined to look my best for the competition, I have to do compulsory poses you would expect like front, side, front double bicep then I have to do my own routine to music. I am nervous and excited.”

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