91-Year-Old Declared World’s Oldest Bodybuilder

Charles Eugster

The Daily Express newspaper declared retired dentist Dr Charles Eugster the world’s oldest bodybuilder this week, at the ripe old age of 91.

Since he began weight and fitness training at a youthful 87, Dr Eugster has won dozens of medals for bodybuilding and rowing, the paper reported, being a three-times winner at the Strenflex World Championships annual fitness tournament and victor at the 1,000m-plus races in the European Masters and World Masters Regattas.

The expat, who currently lives in Switzerland, insisted that “exercising is like brushing your teeth or washing – if you don’t do those things, something nasty happens. Staying fit at 60-plus is vital for quality of life

Dr Eugster now follows a gruelling bodybuilding training routine, involving thrice-weekly sessions on a rowing machine to build stamina, along with muscle building exercises with free weights and weight machines. His diet involves high-protein foods, plus masses of fruit and veg.

Do you know of an older bodybuilder than Dr Eugster? Why not let us know?

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