Helpful Tips for Beginners in Bodybuilding

beginners bodybuilding

If you are thinking of doing some natural bodybuilding, there are a lot of body building tips out there and some of them; you might find them a little bit cliché and probably have heard of it before. But somehow, you need somewhere to start. Well, it’s really not that hard. Here are some of the suggestions that I can help you with for a beginner in natural bodybuilding.

First, is that you need protein. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to build muscle or trying to lose weight, you still need protein powder, preferably whey protein. There are various kinds of protein powder, there are some for those who wants to bulk up and gain muscle mass. There are some also for those who wants to lose weight. It is recommended especially after you work out because it is a fast digestive protein and would probably help recover your muscles. It is also advisable to have some protein powder just before you go to bed, the reason for that is that, you’ll be sleeping like eight to nine hours and that’s a long time going without food. There is however a lot of misconception when it comes to supplements, but before you go buy yourself one, try to do some homework and find out which really are the best for you. One thing that is also important is to take multivitamins, because the multivitamin has a lot of minerals, and vitamins that you’re not going to get in your everyday food because you might be limiting yourself as far as your diet goes.

bodybuilder drinking waterSecondly, you need to drink up lots and lots of water. Now, water is really cheap and would recommend it that you should carry a bottle of water wherever you go. Because your body is made up of seventy percent water that is why you need to stay hydrated and our muscles are pretty much entirely water.

If a result is what you are looking for, then you need to do some work out four to five times a week. Doing it four times a week is the minimum and five times a week would be like the maximum because six or seven is just over doing it. You really don’t want to overdo it especially if you are a beginner because your body might not be able to recover properly and your body is not also used to it. When going to the gym, it is best if you do light weighs and start to let your body getting used to the routine. However you need to be patient because you’re not going to gain ten pounds of muscles overnight. It will take you about six months in order for you to gain muscle. And that is approximately halfway to where you want it to be. So being patient and being consistent is very important. On top of the protein and the multivitamin, is that before you go to the gym you’re going to want maybe a creatine or something that might stimulate you little bit because you might be a little bit tired from work. So you really need something to wake you up and get that work out in.

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