Creatine: One Of The Most Popular Supplements


Creatine is one of the most popular supplements out there for bodybuilders and weight lifters of all types. For a while creatine had some bad press, and so for many people who weren’t paying close enough attention, they might still think badly of creatine, but that only shows that they haven’t been paying attention. Creatine used in conjunction with ephedera caused some serious side effects, but that was mostly on the ephedera. Creatine itself is safe and healthy, and should be considered by the serious bodybuilder.

Creatine has been seen as a top notch way to help stimulate muscle growth and is a well known supplement that has been used from world famous bodybuilders to pro athletes like baseball legend Mark McGwire. What’s ironic about this fact is that creatine was not initially meant to be mainly a muscle builder, but an energy booster.

That’s right, creatine is both a muscle stimulator and a muscle builder, giving you the best of both worlds: a supplement that encourages muscle growth and extra energy. There are several reasons why this happens. The muscle growth begins because creatine allows you to perform more work as a natural result of the additional energy. In addition to this, creatine has an affect of stimulating increased protein synthesis.

This are good bonuses that you receive by adding creatine to your regiment, but there’s even more good points. Another being that when there is an abundance of creatine phosphate being stored in your body’s muscular system, the muscles will store even more water in its cells and become “super-hydrated.” When your muscles are super-hydrated, that basically means your muscle is heavily volumized. The more heavily your muscles are volumized, the more they will encourage the synthesis of protein, and stop the breakdown of protein.

When this increased protein synthesis is combined with serious weight training, you will experience strong muscle growth. Other studies show that not only is this a benefit of creatine, but also that creatine causes actual muscle tears from working out to repair themselves more quickly.

Concerns about creatine should be laid to rest by one other simple fact: creatine is a natural part of mother’s milk in human women, and creatine is a required substance for the embryo to develop into a baby. Creatine might be called a supplement, but this is one of the closest things to a natural supplement that you will find with powdered supplements, and the many benefits of creatine are wide spread and well known.

There shouldn’t be any worry about using this quality supplement. Creatine is a great way to add not only a boost of energy for the entire day, but also to add an extra kick to your weight lifting regiment and give you a boost in those body sculpting exercises. If you’re looking for that little bit of help to break through a plateau and get yourself closer to the body that you want then creatine could be that extra little boost your need to get over the top.

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