So You Think You Are Natural Bodybuilder, Eh?

natural bodybuilder

So you think you are a Natural Bodybuilder, do you? Well, I’m here to tell you that you are NOT a Natural athlete.I know by now you’ve probably raised your eye brow with a noise sounding something like “eh?”

Well let me explain. Do you get asked questions often such as “Are you natural” or have you used steroids? Or things like this? Or even better have you said things like “I plan to stay natural”

Do you think it’s natural to wake up every day and eat the same meals every day? Cook chicken breast and stuff down green vegetables. Preparing your food for the day? While your buddies in high school are eating burgers and stuffing themselves you are having a protein shake or some chicken breasts with green vegetables covered in virgin olive oil that you brought with you?

Or maybe while you are at work at the office you bring with you some salad and a steak?

Whatever you choose does that sound natural to you?

You go to the gym every day it doesn’t matter how hard work was, how you feel you might feel sick but it doesn’t matter you go the gym and you BEAT what you did the time before.

Maybe you do 3 full body workouts per week, maybe you do a 5 day split. Hell, 6 days a week. It doesn’t matter, you make sure you go to the gym and you work your ass off and train to the levels required to push yourself further and get you closer to hitting those goals you set for yourself.

While you are at the gym your buddies are out drinking or just playing on an Xbox but not you.

Does this seem natural to you?

It won’t to most of the population, that’s for sure. Why do you think you get questions asked to you such as “I don’t know how you can train like this all the time, I couldn’t!” or the best one is “How do you eat that every day! Ewww!”

These are what separate you from the rest of them.  They’re what make you a champion and different to the rest of the population.

When you go to the gym you down that protein shake before? After? During? You use creatine to get an extra pump into the muscles and force yourself to grow and build muscles at a rapid pace and to recover as quick as you can.

You know the difference between whey protein and casein protein and when to take them to receive optimal results. You time your carbs around morning and pre/post workout to get the best results possible. You avoid sugary foods and anything to raise insulin until post workout when you raise it on purpose to enhance your ability to build muscle. Once again I ask you does this sound like a natural thing to do?

When someone asks me if I’m natural, I laugh because none of us who do these things are “natural” We don’t even eat natural food now. We don’t go hunting and get wild food. Instead we get food that is “farmed” for us or even worse, some eat the crap that’s served at places such as McDonald and eat food that is kept in cages and never even seen the light of day.

So when someone asks you if you are a natural bodybuilder just pat them on their back. You might not be “natural” or normal but would you want to be like the rest of the sheep? Something to think about!

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