Arnold Classic 2019 Results

arnold classic 2019

We present the results of Arnold Classic 2019!

The competition was attended by 12 athletes instead of 13, because Lionel Beyeke was unable to fly to the United States due to visa problems. First place was taken by Brandon Curry from Tennessee. He won the victory in Arnold Classic Brazil and Australia, but this victory, of course, is most significant: “I feel incredible, amazing, perfect. I won two other Arnold Classic, but I always dreamed of winning Arnold Classic USA, and now I reached it – just incredible! “. Now the athlete is focused on Mr. Olympia, and his form and performance impressed both the spectators and the champion of Mr. Olympia 2018 – Shawn Rhoden.

William Bonac, last year’s winner, finished second. Another pleasant surprise was the third place occupied by Briton Luke Sandoe. According to the athlete, he knew that his result would be good: “I was better prepared, trained harder, and also kept in touch with Chris Aceto, and today I feel great.” The champions of previous years Cedric McMillan and Victor Martinez took the 4th and 10th places respectively. Many bodybuilding fans expected Roelly Winklaar to show a higher result than 5th place: even at Olympia 2018, where he took 3rd place, he noted his high potential, and besides, he received the “people’s choice” award. A couple of weeks before the Arnold Classic, the press (in particular, the American magazine and the Muscular Development forum) criticized Roelly for not being in good shape and even released a video with the deceptive title “Roelly Winklaar will not participate at Arnold Classic”. However, there is a good reason for this, as Roelly wrote in his Instagram immediately after the end of yesterday’s competitions. In a post, the athlete explained that at the beginning of the year he was operated on his knees, which is why, naturally, he could not train his legs for a while, and after that he could only work at 85%. And two weeks ago in Nepal, where he was invited for guest posing, he got severe food poisoning. Obviously, if it were not for the succession of these health problems, we would see a very different result, so we just wish Roelly further success.

List of places:

  1. Brandon “The Prodigy” Curry
  2. William Bonac
  3. Luke Sandoe
  4. Cedric McMillan
  5. Roelly Winklaar
  6. Steve Kuclo
  7. Rafael Brandao
  8. Josh Lenartowicz
  9. Akim Williams
  10. Victor Martinez
  11. Charles Dixon
  12. Mikhail Volinkin

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