Best Bodybuilding Foods

Bodybuilding Foods

As a bodybuilder, you have to be watchful of all the foods that you are consuming every day for it may ruin your hard work with your training. If you would eat carelessly, do not be surprised that you will be getting poor results even if you’re training so hard. Eating the right foods for bodybuilding that contains different nutrients is necessary to help your muscles grow as well as gives you a healthy physique. So, what are the foods to eat that aside from being delicious, it would also help in building a healthy and sexy body?

Expert bodybuilders have a great diet plan that is why they have great figure. They only eat nutritious foods most commonly those that are rich in protein which is the number one nutrient needed for building muscle mass. Proteins are considered as the Best Bodybuilding Foods because they are responsible for repairing and rebuilding your muscle tissues. Based on studies, proteins can be found from animals like lean beef, chicken meat, eggs and milk. You can add it also with fruits and vegetables (better if uncooked).

After providing enough nutrients on your body, this is now the time for you to proceed on the best exercise that would surely help you get awesome results. If you are a beginner, start your workout without using any equipment. You can work your entire body without going to gym basically you can do this at home. All you have to do is to focus on the improvement of the specific parts of your body first. But before doing any workout, be sure to warm-up to avoid possible cramps during your training. Start it with the following workouts:

For your Arms – 10 push-ups, 1 full bridge, 10 incline push-ups, 10 burpees

For the Legs – 15 squats, 25 lounges, 15 side to side lounges, 10 jump squats

For Core – 1 minute plank, 20 leg crunches, 1 minute side plank (both sides), 2 minutes plank

For your Back – 1 minute superman, 1 full bridge, 20 short bridges, 2 minutes superman

best bodybuilding foods 3After doing this, take a rest and refuel your body with water. This one is a good starting workout for beginners. If you think that you are ready to go on the next level and maximize more of your body size, this is now the time that you could try lifting weights in the gym.

Now, make sure to get some details about lifting weights because it is the most common source of accidents in the gym. To prevent any accidents and injuries, seek for an assistance of a coach or any expert bodybuilder that could teach you the proper way of lifting weights in the gym.

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