Tips for a Top Bodybuilder’s Tan

Bodybuilding Tan

Prize-winning bodybuilders put muscle building first and foremost in their lives, combining methodical and gruelling training schedules with effective natural bodybuilding supplements and a strict high-protein diet. But there is another aspect to competition standard bodybuilding – the tan. This is not just a matter of style or vanity, the reason why so many prize-winning bodybuilders are so deeply tanned is to accentuate the muscle while on display on stage. The stage lights will show off a darker skin-toned competitor’s musculature far better than a light-skinned bodybuilder. Judges will also be looking for a smooth tan that is not too stripy or blotchy.

There are many different fake tans on the market, including liquid sprays or creams. Such products are designed specifically for bodybuilders and models, so are far stronger and more effective than over-the-counter tanning lotions such as you might find at your local Boots. Spray tan salons are also widely used by bodybuilders, and competition entrants will often find such services at the venue, especially for bigger contests.

There are a couple of things to remember when it comes to buying fake tans – firstly buy in good time so you can try them out well ahead of the contest and ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction or turn orange, and ensure you have spare product in case anything goes amiss closer to the day. Secondly, make sure you can rely on the person charged with the all-important task of applying the tan at home – they will need to be comfy with the idea of seeing every part of you and be prepared to literally go the extra inch to guarantee all-body coverage.

Before applying the tan, a bodybuilder will need to shave and exfoliate all over their body, as patches of stubble or rough skin will be glaringly obvious under the unforgiving lights on stage and the tan itself will suffer, being made to look blotchy and irregular.

Different people absorb the tanning agent at different speeds, and it is worth finding out where you stand. Some spend a couple of days to complete the process, while for others it is a mere few hours.

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