Natural Bodybuilding – Bulking Up The Right Way

natural bodybuilding

It seems like these days there are countless varieties and brands of body building supplements that hit the market promising the world. More and more of these also seem to be aimed at youth, and many young bodybuilders are buying supplements and similar materials to boost their performance. The problem is that some of these supplements don’t work, and many that do have possible harmful side effects. Why risk it?

It is always a good idea to try out natural bodybuilding exercises and techniques when you’re looking to bulk up for any reason. Many individuals new to bodybuilding may incorrectly think that only steroids and supplements can get someone ripped quickly, but that’s not the case. Good nutrition (not only the types of food you eat, but when and how much in relation to the day and your workouts) and an excellent natural bodybuilding workout based around your body type can get you amazing results in a relatively short time, and without the side effects of supplements or illegal drugs.

Natural bodybuilding is more than enough to get the competitive figure that you want. In addition to that, there is a difference between naturally grown muscle and supplement aided muscle, and natural bodybuilding = good health. The same can’t be said for someone taking steroids or 2,000% of the daily requirement for caffeine. These can lead to massive health problems including, in some extreme cases, even death.

If you really want to have a healthy and muscular body that attracts attention, then there is absolutely no question that you need to follow a strict regimen of regular bodybuilding workouts and a proper eating diet for building muscle, including natural muscle enhancing natural food supplements like whey proteins, which do amazing things to help you shape your body and since whey protein is natural, your body can fully break it down without negative side effects.

Eating proper nutrition is maybe just as, if not even slightly more, important than even the workouts themselves. The right diet and nutrition plan helps your body balance burning calories and building muscles. Football players aren’t buff just because they’re athletic and have a weight room: it’s amazing how many pounds of muscle you can put on in a short time when you consume the right number (and percentage) of fat calories, protein calories, and carb calories.

Natural bodybuilding is absolutely the way to go, and if you’re trying to gain muscle, don’t stay on a weight loss diet. To gain muscle, on average you want 17 calories per pound of body weight. 30% of all calories should come from proteins, 50% by natural (good) carbs, and only 20% from fats. If you can’t follow that exactly, make sure you get your protein.

As far as the natural bodybuilding workouts: stay with the exercises in your plan, and don’t think you’re helping by doing more than the recommended sets or reps. Your body can only take and recover from so much, and over training is a huge mistake that is really common to make. “Slow and steady” doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s the way to go and in reality, it really isn’t that much slower than all the unhealthy methods that claim to get such quick results.

Remember that above all else, health comes first, so natural bodybuilding should always be the right choice.

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