What is the advantage and disadvantage for vegan bodybuilding?

vegan bodybuilding

Being a vegetarian will not hurt your ability to add muscle. There are a lot of vegetarian who does bodybuilding and it doesn’t hurt them. Most people think that vegetarians can’t be successful bodybuilders because either they don’t understand the word vegetarian means or they don’t understand nutrition. Typically it is a, don’t understand vegetarians are, for most of the people, they would think that vegetarians only eat salad and eggplant and that’s not true. The idea was once fostered that you have to eat meat to gain muscle and also that is not true. Most people don’t realize that vegetarians can eat dairy and egg products as well as legumes, beans. All those are very high quality protein. A vegan eats a no animal product or whatsoever. They only eat food that comes from plants and they are of course a serious disadvantage when it comes to vegan bodybuilding or adding muscles.

Below are examples of protein quality numbers and see as to why it is not disadvantage as compared to meat eating brethren. The quality of a protein is determined by the mix of its essential amino acids. The higher the number, the higher the quality of protein. For example from plant sources, peanuts have protein quality of 70, black beans have protein quality of 103 and soy concentrate has a protein quality of 117. These numbers for plant source are pretty low of protein quality. For example of meat, lean ground beef has 84 protein quality and that has not have a high quality protein as what would others would lead you to believe. The skinless chicken breast is pretty high in protein quality with 136. A broiled pork chop is even better with 144 and the best high in protein quality is a canned tuna in water with 148. The vegetarian sources, for a example is a plain nonfat milk has a protein quality of 137. That is better than chicken and beef. Not quite as good as fish but most bodybuilders eat chicken for their protein. The egg whites have a number of 145 for protein quality. Now that has a higher protein quality than anything else mentioned above except for the canned tuna.

Now what does this all means? It means that when it comes to vegan bodybuilding, they have to work really hard at muscle. They need to be experts at nutrition to know how to combine their foods to make muscular gains and that makes an added disadvantage. A vegetarian has a no disadvantage or whatsoever when it comes to adding muscles, because the protein quality of egg whites and dairy is very high and it is actually higher than beef, chicken or pork chops. The only thing that has higher quality protein is tuna.

However, having said all that, it is always not a disadvantage when it comes to vegan bodybuilding. All a person has to do is to eat what the body needs to thrive would be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, glucose and complete protein. It doesn’t really necessarily need from milk and eggs; it would be from the original sources where it comes from the primary sources of nutrition like fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes. That would be the best digestion, best overall feeling and that is plant based whole foods.

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