What is the Perfect Bodybuilder Diet?

Perfect Bodybuilder Diet

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Hi, My name is Heather and although I am no stranger to hard exercise I am new to SERIOUS training. I have ran half Marathons and competed in a few half Triathlons so I’m in pretty good shape but I want to take the next step.

After some research I found that my diet was holding me back so the following is what I have picked up from friends and great resources such as this website.

When it comes to bodybuilding you always hear the phrase ‘high protein, low fat’, but what foods does this approach actually entail other than eating chicken?

I have only recently started getting into bodybuilding, you know, proper training, but already the sight of chicken with rice or chicken with pasta is making me bored.

Now if you are in the same boat, you’ll love this new diet guide I have discovered. It allows you to expand your diet but still experience promising results:

Egg White –  not as gross as you imagine, egg whites are a great way to get protein as they have a protein to fat ratio of 60:1.

Chicken/turkey – chicken and turkey allow you to pack on pounds of serious muscle as they are enriched in protein. One chicken breast contains 172 calories of which 48% is protein and 48% is fat. Turkey on the other hand contains 119 calories of which 73% is protein and 22% is fat.

Fish – fish isn’t for everyone but salmon, tuna, trout and sardines are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats.

 – salmon: 116 calories, 69% protein and 27% fat
 – tuna: 116 calories, 88% protein and 6% fat
 – trout: 148 calories, 56% protein and 40% fat
 – sardines: 208 calories, 47% protein and 50% fat

Beans and Legumes –  these are great for building muscle as they are full of protein and fibre. A good choice is kidney beans as they provide 14g of protein and fibre per cup.

 – kidney beans: 29 calories, 58% protein, 57% carbs, 17% fat
 – lima beans: 113 calories, 24% protein, 71% carbs, 7% fat
 – navy beans: 67 calories, 37% protein, 78% carbs, 9% fat

Lean Red Meats – I used to think red meats were a no no in bodybuilding but in fact lean cuts of ground beef can offer you protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins. So if you are interested in packing on some serious size, lean red meats are perfect as they are high in calories.

Just be careful on how much you have though as they also contain a high level of saturated fats, so don’t have them daily.

Slow burning carbs – these are good for fuelling and sustaining your muscles. Try eating oatmeal and sweet potatoes before you exercise.

Water – After all you are made up of 70% water! That includes your muscles, tissue cells, ligaments and your blood.

Supposedly whilst you are training you should aim to drink 10 litres a day.

Whey protein – personally I am not into using whey protein but if you are serious about body building, they do help to build muscle.

For instance, did you know that to pack on pounds of muscle you need to ingest 1-1.2g of protein per lb of bodyweight? A lot I know, especially if you aim to get this from whole food sources. That is why whey protein is so helpful.

I hope you guys found this info useful. I know I have. All that is left to do is to find a good supplier for all these foods…

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