This Is Why You Should Be Squatting

why you should squat

Did you know the squat is the most powerful exercise you have in your arsenal to build big muscles? Your legs have more potential to grow than any other body part keep that in mind. What is the benefit of doing heavy squats and building big thighs? I’m sure you will tell me how the girls only look at the 6 pack but that isn’t true.

Go to any beach in California or Florida or any pool with girls around and you will find the guy with the biggest legs always gets the most intention. Why is this? Usually because he stands out more than all the guys with abs. Why? Because while he might have a 6 pack so do 500 other anorexic looking guys there. However, when he has thighs the size of boulders walking along the beach it’s common to see girls go “you see his legs” and actually take notice because it’s a rarity.

What other positives are there from doing squats?

Obviously you will build bigger legs as I’ve stated above but this is not the only thing worth mentioning by having larger legs you will obviously be holding more muscle mass, every 1lb of muscle you hold burns around 65 calories per day. Let’s say you add another 5lbs of muscle to both legs, that’s a lot of extra calories you will be burning daily to help you stay lean and ripped!

Number 2 it helps keep your body in line. Strong legs come in handy for more than just showing off. The ability to lift heavy objects from the floor is also a very handy, one especially when none of your friends can do it!.

Another great thing is that it passes over into sports, are you a martial artist? Squats will make you kick and punch harder. Boxer? You’ll hit harder. Wrestler? Yep, they’ll improve you there too. Rugby or American football player? Nothing will improve your tackle, speed, and strength than the squat will. Hell, even soccer players see a great increase from the squat. I really can’t push this exercise in to your face hard enough! It is the king of all strength exercises and muscle building.

Another positive aspect is the Squat works more muscles than ANY other exercise. Over 368 different muscles work while you are doing a squat, this leads to the greatest increase of natural hormones being released.

No other exercise is as anabolic and anti catabolic than the squat.

The squat will increase testosterone levels, Human growth hormone levels and if you get your pre workout meal right and add in some sugars you can cause that insulin spike to release some IGF-1 which leads to rapid muscle gains and fat loss!

Overall I can’t tell you enough how great the squat is. When I began my bodybuilding career I would squat 3 days per week! This was great for martial arts and strength in general my legs were so big some guys had problems even attempting to lock in a leg lock! You can see this was a big instant advantage to me, let alone being able to throw them off/over with relative ease.
Overall you need to squat, if you don’t squat, you DON’T lift!

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