Bio Oil

Bio Oil

Bio Oil is a popular and widely used skin care product. It is used to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, as well as improving skin hydration. With a 200ml bottle retailing at around £15, is it worth the purchase?

Bio Oil contains the ingredients; Vitamins A and E, lavender, calendular, rosemary oils and chamomile extract. Currently Bio Oil is available in 60ml, 125ml and 200ml bottles.

At around £15 for the 200ml Bio Oil may sound pretty expensive, but it’s worth noting that the application sizes are relatively small and the feedback from the majority of users appears to be very positive. A lot of reviews appear to credit Bio Oil for reducing the appearance of scars and hydrating the skin.

So, what does Bio Oil claim to do?

  • Hydration the skin – Bio Oil helps replenish the natural occurring oils of the skin which leads to better skin hydration. Skin can dehydrate due to many factors such as the use of cosmetics, cleaning products, too much sun or wind exposure or insufficient nutritional intake.
  • Reduce the appearance and formation of stretch marks – Bio Oil is said to improve the elasticity of the skin, thus making the formation of new stretch marks and the worsening of current stretch marks less likely. The improvement in the appearance of the skin also helps reduce the appearance of pre-existing stretch marks.
  • Anti-aging properties – The ingredients within Bio Oil help plasticize the skin, which basically means the skin becomes more smooth and the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin is reduced.

How and when to use Bio Oil?

Bio Oil is used by gently rubbing a suitable amount of the oil into the affected area(s). For the use of preventing and improving the appearance of stretch marks it is suggested the oil is applied in a circular motion twice a day, for three months.

From viewing the feedback of customers online, there appears to be positive experience from eczema suffers who have tried adding Bio Oil to their baths. The Bio Oil is added to the running water (half a dozen drops seems the average amount) and many people have found this to be a good way of improve the appearance of their eczema.

Who may benefit from Bio Oil?

The way in which Bio Oil has been reported to effectively aid in the reduction and appearance of stretch marks makes it a potentially effective skin care product for pregnant women. It may also be a good choice for men who go to the gym and experience stretch marks due to an increase in muscle size (these tend to appear around the shoulders, arm pits and thighs).

The anti-aging properties of Bio Oil don’t appear to be reported as widely by users of the product so I am wary of having views on this aspect of the product. It’s fair to say that Bio Oil is more widely known for its ability to tackle stretch marks, so if you are thinking of buying the product for its anti-aging properties it would be worth comparing the product to other specific anti-aging products and look for comparable reviews.

Bio Oil is a registered trademark of Geneva Laboratories Limited

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