Health Supplements: A Wide Array Of Choices

health supplements

Natural vitamin supplements are some of the most popular health supplements. These include all types of vitamins. There are health supplements that focus on only one vitamin, or one set of vitamins, like A or B vitamins, and then there are the popular multi-vitamins like Centrum that are there to provide the daily needed amounts of a wide range of vitamins.

There are also herbal supplements. Herbal health supplements can vary widely from fish gel pills, since fish oil has been shown to be excellent for the health of the heart (and possibly a boost to the body’s fat burning ability). Herbal supplements could refer to green tea, St. John’s Wort, or a wide array of natural herbs that are thought to have some kind of an effect. Some of these will be meant to add vitamins, others to aid weight loss, while others still are there to boost immunity and/or general health. Herbal supplements cover a very wide variety of health issues.

There are specific health supplements that are also designed for very specific purposes. Creatine, for example, is designed to boost your energy and also help aid in the building and recovering of muscles from intensive workouts. Whey protein is a near perfect protein supplement that gives your body tons of digestible protein to help strengthen all your muscles. This is far different than say a colon cleanser, or “internal cleanser,” which is basically a laxative designed for you to purge all the bad out of your system to clean up your body and put you in better health.

As you can see, “health supplements” is a very broad term that can encompass a wide range of different pills, powders, vitamins, and other forms. There are dietary supplements and bodybuilding supplements, and everything else under the sun. There are even supplements that are designed specifically to get the synapses in your brain to fire more rapidly, therefore in theory improving the level that your mind is working on and your ability to study and remember things.

There are so many choices, but in the end the health supplements you want are the ones that specifically address the areas that you want help in, and if that means a few supplements, don’t be afraid to take more than one. I take a multi vitamin, a fish oil gel tablet, and a green tea supplement every day, and the extra boost absolutely makes my day.

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