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fat smash dietThe fat smash diet is a very popular diet that through intensive eating and working out (coupled with solid online support groups) can help many dieters drastically cut away weight and fat over a 3 month (90 day) program.  The fat smash diet is split into four specific phases, and has been lauded by many for its common sense approach to eating and dieting.  It has also been lauded by many dieters because of looser restrictions: you don’t have to follow the diet in an extremely strict line by line manner as long as you’re following the basic premises of it.

As mentioned earlier, this diet is broken into four specific phases, with an emphasis on heavy eating of fruits and vegetables throughout the whole diet.

Phase One: “Detox.”  This phase of the diet lasts a mere 9 days, but is considered one of, if not the, most important step of the entire diet plan.  During the detox phase you will mostly eat different fruits and vegetables and little else.  The point of this is to cleanse your body of junk and eliminate toxins from your blood that are left over like alcohol, caffeine, and bloat.

Increasing the amount of fruit & veggies you eat also increases your body’s ability to clean itself all the way down on the cellular level.  Unlimited fruits and veggies are allowed with the exception of potatoes and avocados, while small amounts of other food are allowed, but no meat.

Phase Two: “Foundation.”  This phase of the diet will last three weeks.  In this phase fruits and veggies still have the green light, but you also get to eat some lean meats now.  This phase lasts for three weeks, and you can have some chicken, turkey, and fish, along with 2 diet pops a day, if you want a sweet reward.

Phase Three: “Construction.”  This phase of the diet will last four weeks.  In this phase you can eat everything allowed from phase one and two, but you also get to enjoy whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread.  It also increases the amount of protein you can have, as well as adding quite a few other food items in small doses that were restricted before, such as fat free mayo, peanut butter, cheese, fresh juice, and some dessert.

Phase Four: “The Temple.”  This is the phase of the diet that should set your habits for life.  The idea is if you’ve made it this far in the diet, then you should be able to have the discipline and food knowledge to keep watching your diet within reason from then on out.  In this phase you can eat all the foods allowed before, as well as small amounts of white starches, small amounts of alcohol, and even some junk food.  The idea is control: that if you have a candy bar and soda once, it won’t become a habit and you’ll take a smaller portion of meat at dinner.

This is one of those rare diets that is trying to help the dieter create a life change in their diet habits that will allow them good health and habits through the rest of their life, and the dieter who manages that won’t be disappointed.

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