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tyson beckford workout

There aren’t many men who have accomplished what Tyson Beckford has.  There aren’t many places for 200+ pound men in the modeling world, but when you have the combination of athletic and bodybuilder’s physique like Tyson Beckford does, exceptions can be made.  Tyson Beckford has been a male model for almost ten years, and is now beginning to break into acting, as well.

Tyson Beckford has the athletic body of an excellent athlete and bodybuilder, and that is due in no small part to his specific bodybuilding workouts that help him to bulk up, and then shape and chisel his physique to its healthy and impressive appearance.  Tyson has been pretty open in interviews asking about his workout habits, and from this information we can glean a lot of useful information.

The “Tyson Beckford Workout” has to work for him, because he is an individual who makes his living by not only staying fit, but by looking really good while doing it.  Tyson’s workout involves working out five days a week, starting out with basic calisthenics to warm up, then moving on to weight lifting, and finishing with cardio.  He rotates which muscles he works out while weight lifting day to day so that the muscles that need rest get it, while he pushes those groups of muscles that have already been rested up.

One fact about Tyson Beckford’s workout that should be encouraging to even the most novice of beginners is that Tyson doesn’t have a personal training.  His entire training regiment is based around research from finding online articles and magazines like “Men’s Health.”  This proves that a person doesn’t need to be a professional trainer to come up with a workout routine that does wonders.  Doing research, picking the minds of professionals when you’re around them, and having the discipline to stick with a well set up exercise routine can help you hit the highest points of success.

Because of his job being a male model, there are certain areas of the body Tyson Beckford’s workouts cover in length.  Pecs is one of the obvious ones, and the way he maintains great chest muscles is to go heavy on a wide variety of exercises that help form the chest: decline, incline, dips, press…all the weight exercises that exercise different parts of the chest.

Another major part of Tyson Beckford’s over all fitness plan involves diet – which every bodybuilding program should have.  Diet is just as important as the actual exercises and workout cycles.  Tyson Beckford’s diet is very strict, according to him.  He never eats red meat or pork, trying to avoid the heavy fats and substituting better white meat for the protein.  He eats a lot of fish, chicken, vegetables, and salad, and that gives him the right calories and energy he needs to keep a good male model’s physique.

Tyson Beckford’s workout routines show that once again a combination of diet, a smart informed exercise program, and dedication can equal all the results you need.

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