How to Increase Intensity of Workouts for Body Building

bodybuilding intensity

Increasing or adding intensity to your body building workout is relatively important for muscle growth. Apparently, this is one of the major difficulties being faced by most body builders. Why so? Because in adding or increasing intensity for body building workouts, the body builder must ensure that all muscle fibers in the body are exhausted and recruited during time of exercises.

Increasing workouts for body building means working beyond experiences and failures on higher levels of training or programs. In effect, the workouts become more challenging for the body builder as he or she continues to engender the process gradually. Here are some tested steps on how to increase workouts for body building that anyone can follow:

  • Get a professional assistance from experienced individuals. In this way, it would be easier for the body builder to complete a certain program or training that involves increased intensity of workouts.
  • Utilize isometric contractions that involve holding the weight still during the point of failure. In this way, the static contraction in the muscles will be stimulated.
  • Usage of partial workouts would help in the increase of workout intensity for body building. As a body building beginner or novice, the completion of full range of movement for a particular exercise would be quite difficult. Partial workouts of a particular segment of exercise will work for the muscle building as well without forcing the body builder to extend much on his or her body. This idea is very useful to body builders who undergo advanced trainings or programs. Aside from the increased intensity of workouts it gives for body building, it does not allow body builders to have extra routines that may cause to over training.
  • Introduction of supersets would surely help increase the intensity of workouts for body building. It involves performing two different exercises on the same group of muscles without any intervals of rest. This step will require the body builder to use different muscle fibers that stimulate more growth.
  • Pre-exhaustion is another method to increase intensity of workouts for body building. It is the process of isolating and tiring initially the primary muscle group before moving or jumping into another form of exercise that will set the muscles to failure.
  • Reduction of rest intervals will give the muscles lesser recovery time prior to exposure for further performance or exercise. In effect, there would be an increase intensity of workouts for body building.
  • Changing the sets of exercises performed in group of muscles will definitely give an intensity workout for body building as well as stimulate muscle growth. To extremely achieve body building goals, one needs to experience new and different forms of exercises with different angles.
  • Increasing the resistance of the body will help increase intensity of workouts for body building. As resistance is increased, the weight to be lifted should be done gradually with meaningful increments. In this way, the muscles are ensured on its building process.

Aside from following above steps and processes to increase intensity of workouts for body building once needs to know how to challenge his or her body. It is the key ingredient to muscle growth. By continuously keeping the muscles challenged and growing as well as using some advanced body building techniques, the increase intensity of workouts is easier accomplished.

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