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weight lifting exercises

There are many different types of weight lifting exercises that are used by professional bodybuilders to get the fantastic results that many beginners only dream of.  There are weight lifting exercises for virtually every body part, even for body parts like wrists and ankles.  There are many weightlifting workouts out there, and whether your goal is to bulk up or tone up, there’s sure to be a series of weight lifting exercises that will be perfect for you.

If you’re a beginner, then obviously you will want to start with basic weight training workouts and move on once you’re comfortable with what you’re already doing.  Training varies from simple repeatable movements using dumbbells and barbells to more complex machines using resistance and cables.  While many weight lifter’s definitely have a preference, there isn’t one very specific right way to weight lift or wrong way to weight lift.  There are great weight lifting exercises for whatever your goals are.

While there are more complex weight lifting exercises that more advanced lifters use, the most common weightlifting exercises are often great for both the very beginner and for the professional pushing for just that little bit more.  The most common weightlifting exercise is to do the same exercises, slowly increasing the amount of weight as the individual continues to improve.

Weight lifting workouts vary depending on what muscles you want to develop.  There are great individual exercises for biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, deltoids, abs, back, calves, quads, and legs.  Depending on what muscles you want to develop, there is likely not just one exercise but multiple weight lifting exercises that can help you bulk, tone, lose weight, gain muscle, or accomplish whatever other goals you have for your own personal development.

Aside from just the different individual weight lifting exercises, there are also different routines and exercise methods that can add even more variety to any weightlifting program that you’re currently on.  The use of free weights with barbells and dumbbells is a great way to start, and then moving on to cable machines and resistance training can keep things moving.  If you find yourself getting bored and the routine getting stale, then look at throwing in a good little bit of circuit weight training to give your body a dramatic change in routine, to keep your mind fresh, and to get some cardio in.

The various choices you have among weight lifting exercises should prevent your overall workout from ever getting too stale.  This is also good news because every time you begin to plateau, there are more weight lifting exercises that you can learn to change up the routine and get your muscles back into movement again.

Deciding which weight lifting exercises are best depends on what your specific goals and fitness levels are.  Continue to adapt as you get in better and better shape, and you’ll be on your way to hitting all your goals in no time.

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