Losing Excess Weight Through Bodybuilding

losing excess weight through bodybuilding

Repeated studies have shown that during physical exertion, a person exhales significantly more oxygen. It is also known that calories are expelled along with oxygen. On average, about 5 calories are burned per liter of exhaled oxygen.

On average, a person trains at an intensity of two-thirds of their maximum capacity. Consequently, their energy expenditure will be 8-10 calories per minute, and during a half-hour workout, they will burn no more than 400 calories.

Fortunately, active calorie burning continues for 12 hours after the workout.

During this post-workout period, you can burn half as much energy as during the workout, specifically the same 400 calories, but over the course of an hour.

The results after the workout depend on how much effort you put in. If you didn’t exert yourself during the workout, your body won’t consider fats as a high-calorie source and won’t burn them. But if you gave your all during the workout, your body will utilize fats three times more than usual.

Intense workouts have other advantages, such as converting some of the freed energy from fat burning into heat, a physiologically “useless” but essential form of energy!

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, intense workouts are the only well-known method of building muscle mass.

In conclusion, those who wish to lose weight must remember that you need to make sports a lifelong friend, as temporary excessive workouts can only lead to temporary results.

After a significant period, you will regulate your energy metabolism so well that you will be able to eat whatever you want.