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First review! Long time lurker but this is overdue..I have placed 2 fairly sized orders with over the last 3 years and each time my products arrived and were exactly as described. Definitely one of my go-to sources. My most recent order was the larger of the two, and was my last cycle which just ended about a week ago.

I’ve only had one scenario where I needed to use their CSC and that was for when my order was lost in transit. They promptly reshipped. My most recent order back in January was dispatched super quick. Was really astounded at how fast I got my stuff from the day I sent payment to the day I picked it up. It was about 2.5 weeks start to finish.

Again, from start to finish, the whole ordeal took about 2.5 weeks which is extremely good. It made for planning my cycle easy. My order arrived in three different packaged on all separate days. They had notified me of this prior so I was fully expecting it. Each of the packages was tightly packed and there was so rustling of any loose items in there. Definitely appreciated that.

Total on portion of cycle was 10 weeks. The cycle was 10 weeks of test at 500mg per week split up into 2 injects Tuesday/Saturday with a kicker of dbol for 4/5 weeks at 40mg. HCG was 500iu 2x weekly on same days as test injects. Everything did go as planned except for the dbol. I had taken a different brand of dbol in the past (when I was much younger- I know. Very stupid) and actually made a fair amount of gains off of it in the short 5 weeks I used it for at the time. With this dbol, not so much. From the first dose I got what I thought were awesome pumps. I’m thinking they were all in my head, because the 3 weeks to follow were lack luster. Bad acne and my appetite was shot. I still managed to take in all my meals as planned, but this stuff made some meals almost impossible. Not only was I miserable using them even after dropping my dose to only 20mg daily, but I don’t think they did anything. In the first 4 weeks I put on about 8lbs waking weight. I attribute this to the test which was fantastic. After ditching the dbol and just using test I felt great. Appetite was slightly increased and the pumps were phenomenal. My sex drive was the highest I’ve felt it to be and I was making fair steady gains. And about the HCG, to be honest I’m not sure yet whether it worked or not. I did not miss a dose and only used to keep fullness to my testes and hopefully have an easier recovery during PCT. I managed to get SOME shrinkage but not much so it really is tough to tell if it actually did anything. One complaint about this product was that I received it with a very short date :/ I was able to use one mix of 10,000 IUs for this cycle successfully, but did not need the second one this time around. And I know I won’t be able to use it because of how close the expiration date is. Didn’t bother me too much though. I got everything on a deal and their test suited me very well. Anastrozole (used at .5mg EOD to start) I feel helped keep water off even though I don’t retain much water anyways. Also when I felt a little gyno starting to form, I used it ED instead of EOD and it cleared it right up.

Starting weight: 168.2

Ending weight: 182.00

Overall, I’m very pleased with the service and the results I got from using these products. I know for sure I will be using as part of my next cycle, although I may be a little more careful with some of the products I choose. DP Test and BD Anastrozole did what they were supposed to do!

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