The FU Circuit!

The FU Circuit

Shed fat and improve your fitness in less than 10 minutes with our customised training circuit which is designed to shift your metabolism into overdrive!

We all know how the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”. So, if I say there is a way to lose body fat and become fitter in less time then you’ll likely, and understandably, be very sceptical. But alas, I am not here to fool you, let me explain…

Less is more with HIIT

My main confession is that although you can get many of the same health benefits and cardiovascular improvements in less time by following our circuit (which is a form of HIIT), it is much more intense than standard steady state cardio training – in fact, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

This type of training may not suit everybody. It does, however, seem increasingly attractive as more studies come out supporting HIIT as a way of; improving the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as increasing insulin sensitivity1. To be able to achieve these benefits, in less time, in a world where people are finding less and less free time away from their work and family life makes the FU circuit an effective choice for many!

The circuit itself

The FU circuit works as follows:

Squat jumps
Advanced: 15 reps, Intermediate: 10 reps, Beginner: 6 reps
Squat down until your thighs are parallel with the ground, then forcefully ascend trying to jump as high as you can into the air. Land with a slight bend in the knee and then repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

As soon as you’ve completed the squat jumps move onto power push ups

Power push ups
Advanced: 15 power push ups, Intermediate: 12 traditional push ups, Beginner: 6 traditional push ups (or “easy push ups” with your knees on the ground if you cannot do traditional push ups)
Power push ups, or plyometric push ups as they are also known, are performed in the same manner as traditional push ups, albeit in a more powerful fashion so that the athlete applies enough power so that their hands leave the ground during the ascent. You may clap your hands as you leave the ground for added difficulty.

As soon as you’ve completed the power push ups move onto burpees

Advanced: 15 reps, Intermediate: 10 reps, Beginner: 6 reps
From a standing position; squat down and then kick your feet backwards so you transcend into a push up position. From this push up position flex your knees up towards your torso to return the squat position where you then ascend forcefully so you jump at high into the air as you can. The entire movement should be performed quickly and seamless. Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.

As noted, there should be no rest time between each exercise. All repetitions should be near maximum effort with absolute minimal time in-between repetitions (enough time just to set yourself into position if necessary). It is designed to be intense. Completing the three exercises is one round of the circuit.

Perform a total of three rounds of the circuit, with 60 seconds rest between each round. As you progress you can increase to four rounds. Remember; focus on the intensity of the exercise.

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