SuperPump MAX Review

SuperPump MAX

After trying and being a regular user of the original SuperPump 250 I was wondering what would change when I tried the superpump MAX in fruit punch flavour, first off I’ll get the obvious out of the way as with nearly all the Gaspari products that I have tried the flavour was amazing.

Looking at the ingredient breakdown the SPMax has different groups of ingredients designed to provide different effects that this product offers.

The MyoVol Electro hydration complex – designed to help the body stay hydrated throughout the workouts, provide the body with much needed electrolyte balances and allow the body to function correctly utilising fully the use of the added sodium, Taurine, Glutamine, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium phosphate, all nutrients and minerals needed to allow the body to continue to perform at the highest level without dehydrating.

The Nitric Oxiendurance complex – ingredients design to promote endurance and allow you to perform at high levels throughout the workout from start to finish, citrulline, carnitine, ornithine, beet extract, all ingredients that naturally allow the body to endure full on tough sessions over and over without getting tired.

The Branch Chain MTOR Stimulation Blend – as it says the branched chain amino acids are here (BCAAS) Leucine, Iso Leucine and Valine if you know about bodybuilding and supplements you will know how important these little ingredients are for your body to allow recovery and also complete the amino acid pool that the body needs throughout the day,

The phosopho drive signalling complex – here with have your creatine products however what I would say is the fact that they seem quite low so supplementation of creatine I would personally advise throughout the day as I usually do anyway (Bodybuilding Warehouse Creatine Gluconate) you’ve got the normal monohydrate which everyone seems to know about, been around for years and proven in the supplementation market, magnapower is a good item as it is a creatine with added magnesium, and setria, overall these items will allow you to smash those last couple of reps well I find when using creatine I can get another good couple of reps at the end of most sets when the body fully utilises the phosphacreatine system.

Then we have the stimulants to drive you through the cognidrive acceleration matrix – here we have the caffeine in here which 9 out of 10 pre workouts seem to include to nothing new here, tyrosine which is good for the focus alongside the ATP adonesine 5 triphosphate.

Overall the performance that SPMax gives me whetehr it’s a placebo effect knowing I’ve had my superpump or its actually the product being a genuinely great product, is very good I am a definite fan of this however I would say that sometimes it can make you go to the toilet not sure why or what is in it to have that effect but it has been known on various people to promote this after taking it but afterwards I am fine and smash through workouts without a problem it is for this reason that I would give it a 6-7 out of 10 overall.

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