Warrior Blaze Review

Warrior Blaze

I was given a tub of this exciting new product from Warrior supplements to try thanks to Bodybuilding Warehouse and I must say from the talk that I had heard I was expecting something very strong unlike the other fat burners out there and the outcome was that I was certainly not disappointed!

Infact it’s a simple product without any hidden mixes and blends stuck behind a ‘propriety blend’ label and it lets you see EXACTLY what is included in each dose. 3 things with a background of consistency when it comes to fat loss 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (Geranium Stem) – 60mg, Caffeine Anhydrous – 100mg and Green Tea (98% Polyphenols) – 300mg. Nothing more needed.

We have all heard of the benefits of caffeine when it comes to being a very good stimulant and no doubt it is already included many times during our normal day to day lives, it has been known to help increase fat utilisation my mobilising free fatty acids from your fat tissue and intramuscular triglycerides basically in English this translates as more available free fatty acids meaning and increase in fat oxidation aka fat burning sparing your hard earned muscles glycogen stores for energy also meaning that your muscles will have more energy to perform in the long run so more stamina and less fat!

The next item being green tea and once again it is well known about the benefits of green tea inclusion when trying to shift bodyfat the actual type used in this product is one of the higher strength versions out there up to 98% polyphenols, when included alongside caffeine this actually has been seen to increase your fat burning by an increase in your core temperature.

The next item is relatively new to the mainstream market but very popular and seen in lots of items both pre workout and fat loss as It is very effective in resembling the bodies own chemical epinephrine better known as adrenaline. 1,3, Dimethulamylamine is a very powerful CNS stimulant which will give you high levels of focus and energy also helping to increase your mental focus and performance levels. It also triggers the chemical known as cAMP which aids in triggering the release of fat for energy.

Overall this product is VERY strong it states 1-2 tablets twice a day but assess tolerance, as the big man wanting to be smart I went straight in with 2 tablets first try……and felt sick and very spaced out 20minutes later whilst doing my morning cardio  However, when I lowered the dosage down to one split twice through the day I found that it was a much more tolerable level of stimulant and has helped me keep very lean whilst increasing strength and muscle gains overall. I would rate this very highly on the list of fat burners out there and very much agree with the fact that it is one of the strongest out there, certainly the strongest one I have been able to trial!

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