The Rock to be Guest Host for Wrestlemania 27!! Spoilers

the rock wrestlemania 27

There are those who suggest that the build up to this year’s Wrestlemania has not really captured the imagination as yet and that there is some star factor vitally missing from the potential card. However Vince McMahon’s recent announcement to the WWE universe that there will be a guest host for this year’s Wrestlemania has certainly piqued the interest of a lot of fans and naturally speculation has been rife ever since as to who that might be.

Who will guest host Wrestlemania 27?

Of course the person in question could be absolutely anybody from either the WWE alumni or from the entire showbiz world. For a long period Raw had guest hosts ranging from The Osbournes to Bret Hart to Johnny Knoxville to Freddy Prinze Jnr. It is well known that Vince McMahon has a huge range of contacts within the glitz and glamour of USA Network TV or the wider ranges of Hollywood.

We have seen such diverse celebrities as Donald Trump, Floyd Mayweather and Pamela Anderson grace the grandest stage of them all in the past so it is fair to say that it could be any well known name from across many diverse genres. Whoever it is Vince McMahon will be hoping that their presence will add significantly to increasing pay per view buy rates. After all that is the bottom line of why they will be there.

However there is one name that ticks all the boxes when it comes to appealing to hard line wrestling fans and those who buy Wrestlemania because they love the glitz and glamour. This particular individual has enjoyed unrivalled success in both industries like no other performer before and is beloved worldwide. That man is the most charismatic superstar to ever grace a WWE ring, The Rock!

The Rock to guest host Wrestlemania 27.

There is no doubt about it that if McMahon managed to persuade The Rock to return to the WWE for one night only in a non competitive element then it would greatly add to the interest and prestige of Wrestlemania 27.

For nostalgia purposes alone it would be great for all WWE fans but it would also be fascinating to see him interact with not only newer faces on the block such as Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and The Miz, but how fascinating it would be to see him re-visit all rivalries with legends such as The Undertaker, Edge and particularly Triple H.

It would also be intriguing to see him come face to face with John Cena, as the couple shared a few choice barbs at each other at a Hall of Fame ceremony a few years back. However maybe the WWE would be ill advised to have those two have a confrontation as surely the dialogue between them would shine a bright spotlight of the massive deficiencies of the current WWE poster boy when it comes to charisma and overall talent. The Rock would dwarf him to embarrassing levels as perhaps only Stone Cold Steve Austin can hold a candle to “The Great One” when it comes to mike work. The WWE would not dream of showing Cena in such a bad light.

Apparently Vince McMahon was said to be angry that his announcement of a special host was not met with more interest from the WWE Universe. Well if he manages to secure The Rock to a contract he can quickly forget that initial disappointment as the “Brahma Bull” would ensure that the Road to Wrestlemania had truly begun.

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