Chris Jericho Leaves the WWE

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Going into Night of Champions Chris Jericho brashly claimed that if he was not ultimately victorious in the Six Pack Challenge and emerged as the new WWE Champion, he would leave the WWE.

Chris Jericho in Six Pack Challenge

Not only did Chris Jericho fail to win the WWE title but he was eliminated first and in under two minutes. After this embarrassing loss is this the end of the road for Chris Jericho in the WWE? Will he abide by his dramatic guarantee?

Chris Jericho and Fozzy

Jericho has parted company with the WWE before in order to pursue other interests outside of the wrestling business, the most prominent of course being his band Fozzy. Well it looks like Fozzy are due to embark on another tour and that Jericho has asked for some time away from the WWE to focus all his attention on this. Therefore it is likely that although Y2J might be off our screens for some time, potentially the rest of 2010, he will return at some point.

Chris Jericho and a return to WWE

The problem is what could Jericho even achieve if he came back? He is a multi-time world champion in the company and has feuded with just about everyone that there is on both the Raw and Smackdown rosters, and in some cases more than once.

Jericho is also a transitional champion. Although he is the first ever undisputed champion and has successfully defended a world title at a Wrestlemania, he tends to be a superstar who keeps the belt warm for another wrestler who has been deemed worthy of a much lengthier run. Jericho will never be “the man” that WWE will build the company around as he would have adopted that role by now.

Chris Jericho – Future Hall Of Famer

There is no doubt that Jericho’s achievements will get him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame one day, his undisputed title victory in 2001 after beating The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night almost guarantees him that. But he has also won Tag Team Titles, Intercontinental Titles and has memorable feuds with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Edge, John Cena and Rey Mysterio over the years which have drawn good business and fan interest.

However if Chris Jericho is to cements his legacy then he will need to decide if he even needs to return to WWE and what has he really achieved in his most recent run? A feud with Micky Rourke. An ill-fated babyface run. A selection of boring monotone promos and some decent matches. Even his heavily hyped World Title match with Edge as last year’s Wrestlemania was a massive flop. His most recent spell with the WWE has not been his best.

Perhaps Chris Jericho leaving WWE is a good thing for Chris Jericho. Sometimes a superstar reaches their peak and can do no more. There is perhaps an argument to say Jericho is at that point.

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