WWE: The Raw Roulette John Cena vs. Randy Orton Table Match

john cena vs randy orton

Back in 2002 when Eric Bischoff was the Raw General Manager he created, amongst other things, the Raw roulette wheel. On each section of the wheel was placed a different form of match or stipulation, meaning that audiences were likely to see matches that they had never seen before or were unlikely to see again.

The Raw Roulette Wheel Returns

The mysterious and currently anonymous Raw General Manager decided that it was time to bring this creation back to our screens. This time it led to all sorts of bizarre encounters. Here are some of the “highlights”.

The Miz was lined up to face his nemesis Daniel Bryan in a submission match but quickly developed a so-called hernia mere moments into the bout! This then meant Bryan faced The Miz’s apprentice Alex Riley instead, who he defeated fairly easily.

Elsewhere, Edge was pitted against Evan Bourne in a strange body slam match, stranger still considering the comparative physiques of these two athletes. Edge naturally triumphed but his victory celebrations were short lived as the Raw GM then made him compete in another body slam challenge, but this time against Mark Henry. Naturally Edge did not prevail this time against the “World’s Strongest Man”.

There was also some unnecessary froth as Ted Dibiase and R Truth competed in a singing contest and William Regal and Goldust traded attire in a pointless comedy match. However it wasn’t all rubbish as John Morrison and Sheamus took part in a competitive Falls Count Anywhere Match.

But then came the main event

Randy Orton vs. John Cena Tables Match

Orton and Cena have faced each other in almost every match conceivable but never a tables match. The stipulation pleased Orton as he had witnessed Cena lose the WWE title in such a match to Sheamus last year so he felt the odds were in his favour.

Despite run ins from Nexus, Edge, Sheamus and a newly re-invigorated Chris Jericho, who had worked his way back into the Six Pack Elimination match earlier in the night, Orton and Cena were allowed a relatively clean finish.

As Cena went to FU Orton through a table, Orton managed to counter it with an RKO right through the table. The move itself was so surprising that the live crowd didn’t seem sure who had won until the referee announced the decision. The eventual outcome was very well received by the crowd as Orton is undoubtedly their favourite at the moment. His killer attitude is reminiscent of early Stone Cold Steve Austin, supposedly not caring what fans think but soaking up the success nevertheless.

The Raw Roulette Review

The concept is undoubtedly an intriguing one but in order to be a successful gimmick that can be used time and again the WWE needs to stop the hesitation to use it to provide an excuse for comedy matches and give the WWE universe more matches like Orton vs. Cena. If they do that then the Raw roulette wheel would be welcome back anytime.

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