Bodybuilding Supplements Soar in the Sales Charts

Bodybuilding Supplements

As bodybuilding becomes more and more of a worldwide phenomenon, the demand for safe, natural muscle building supplements is also growing. Figures published recently show that across the globe, total sales of sports nutrition products have risen from £2.2 billion seven years ago to £3 billion in 2009 – with almost a third of these sales taking place in the UK.

Some 24 per cent of bodybuilding supplements products are sold online, with health food shops selling another 29 per cent and pharmacies selling 26 per cent.

One of the most popular products remains whey protein, which not only helps build muscle but also provides essential amino acids, boosts the immune system and aids digestion.

With many outlets around the UK offering whey protein supplements, it is good to know that online providers can bring you the best in the market at the lowest prices. This looks like a sales area that is only going to grow in the next few years as bodybuilding increases in popularity.

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