The Effect of Motivation

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You hate the fact that you’re overweight, you don’t like looking at the mirror, you feel angry, sad, sexually frustrated and it’s not the sex even, it’s having somebody notice you or even a compliment could do.

However you can’t help yourself from eating a lot. What you need is a motivation. What your subconscious mind tells you to stay on track and help you become more dedicated in what you do is motivation. Dedication on the other hand keeps demanding you to always do what you have to do.

Do you really have any dedication at all? Are you even capable of taking care of your child? Are you a great and loving mother? Or father? Or maybe there’s a tv show that you follow every week and you make sure to get home just to watch that show. Or maybe meet up with your friends at the bar. Well, whatever the case is. This kind of dedication you would rather have when it comes to losing weight.

If you can manage to exercise and have a better meal plan not only will you look better but you will also feel a lot better. Saying that you want to get your body in shape is one thing, but it’s on an entirely different matter if you actually try to get yourself in shape.

There are many way to get you motivated and stay that way. There are good ways and there are bad ways. Many people still argue on which motivation works the best, though it’s not usually the case. There are times when I come across people in local gyms or those in the internet that are tired of their bodies and are somewhat desperate for some kind of motivation to make sure that they stay on track and that they can burn off those fats immediately!

Unfortunately many people tend to look for a negative motivation. When people call them fat or ugly or even make fun of their physique they think they can use that as a form of motivation. In reality, not only is it a negative motivation but it also causes a negative effect on your fitness training and it will mess with your mind making you hate yourself more.

It’s from within if you want good motivation. No one can give you good motivation and it is not something that can come from a pill nor is it something that you will get in any article, not even this one. It must come from your own free will. It is more like a burning desire that resides within your stomach. It is a frame of mind that can change the course of your life forever. It is more of a self-provoked epiphany.

These are the difference between good motivation and bad motivation. A poor attempt on motivation is being ok with how much hate you have for yourself. As to how bad it is comes with endless amount of reasons. First off, the state of hating yourself cannot be change as easily as it is said it would be, because it is not easy to change yourself to a person that you would like just like that. How would people learn to appreciate as to who you are if you, yourself, hate the fact that you are alive? These kinds of attitude can have a great effect on your general take on life. It’s all too negative, here’s a different and a lot better perspective on that statement, “I hate my situation”. Why would that be much better? Simple, it is hard almost impossible to change yourself however it is possible and doable to change your situation. It’s something that you are able to accomplish and it is not hopeless.

A lot of people try to look for their long term motivation in different things. For a lot of men the usual form motivation would be girls. While many find it as a motivation to accomplish anything athletic, while for parents being able to play with their children would be a form of motivation. Though finding this kind of motivation is not as easy as wanting to win a race or play around with your kid.

Here’s a sample analogy that involves smokers. If you tell a smoker that they should stop smoking cigars or cigarettes it’s possible that they will just ignore you and laugh it off. However when a doctor informs that very same person that he or she is diagnosed with lung cancer, they will have a sudden realization. They then realize the dangers that smoking brings and most likely they never smoke another cigar or cigarette while they live. The desire to lose weight is the same. When conversing with people who had amazing weight loss or physique improvement it shows that most of them tell their story that it all started when they had a sudden realization on unexpected events in their lives, a time when they had reality knocking on their heads like the door of truth opening.

So how would you know when a life changing event has happened? It’s likely that it hasn’t happened yet, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading articles about motivation. So here’s the thing. If you want to be with the girl, go hit on her. If you want to be the winner of a race, participate in it. Don’t stop yourself and give it your all. There are three possibilities as to what will happen. One, you’d do great and realize that you had the wrong area of motivation. Two, you’d do fairly and feel a sense of satisfaction. Three, you’d do very poor and then you’ll have a burning sensation that you need to correct your situation.

Well, that’s just one of the ways to get your desires burning up. It’s not ensured to work, however trying to do something is better than doing nothing at all. It all comes down to how much you really want to change your life or are you rather satisfied with living that sad life that you are currently coping up with? It’s hard to show your answer through your actions for such a black and white question. Other things that people can try are different forms of Neurological Link Programming. There are three types of widely known Neurological Link Programming that can be very effective when combined and they are visualization, negative thoughts diets or reframing and goal sheets.

One of the most popular and possibly the easiest form of neurological link programming is visualization. It is possible to find every day a quiet or peaceful location. Take a few deep breaths and start visualizing the way you want to look like in great detail. Visualize how you want to look, what you eat and the people that you are surrounded by. See how perfect you visualize yourself and how you are living the way you want your life to be. What we think about becomes who we are. If you always think about it and you think about it long enough to burn it into your subconscious mind. Once imprinted into your mind, there’s a theory that you will naturally progress towards those goals and situation.

Negative Thought Diets are simple yet can be really effective for your self-image. The main idea of this is really simple, you are not to have any form of negative thoughts. Not even one, if you ever think of anything negative then you have to reframe the negative thought and turn it into something positive. As an example, if you think that you are overweight then you need to immediately change that thought into something positive like telling yourself that you are lucky to be alive or how good you look in your outfit and that you’re pulling it off. Even if it’s a white lie, it’s alright because we become what we think about as the theory said. In time, the negative thoughts will cease and the only thing you’ll have are positive ones. This doesn’t directly effect to the body building, but the change of your self-image and your self-esteem can be of great help with how you deal with your life.

Goal Sheets are useful for body building goals. Take a piece of note and write down all of the things that you want to accomplish in present tense. Here are some examples of what you may write in that note, “I have a good body figure”, “my boss needs me at my job”, “I have great abs”, “I enjoy doing cardio”, “I can outlast everyone at the gym” or “my diet is perfect”.

You can go on and on for as long as you have anything you want as a goal to list. It’s crucial for it to be in present tense and to be written by hand. After writing all of it, you can read it to yourself. Take the time to read it for three to four times throughout the day to yourself. Keep it with you at all times, fold it and hide it. Keeping this goal sheet with you will be your burden to carry, the thought of having it with you at all times might have psychological impact to your behavior. You can rewrite you list weekly by adding or changing the list to how you see it fit. The aim of goal sheets is to have these list of commands burned into your subconscious mind in the same way as visualization.

Don’t expect any immediate results with Neurological Link Programming, nor is it ensured to have any effect at all, however if you seriously give effort to it for six weeks or so, you may find that this psychological process can work. If it doesn’t, well here’s the thing: doing something is better than doing nothing.

If you haven’t found any source of motivation, there are countless things you have yet to try. Here are some ideas that may help you. Find someone to train with or as a diet partner, you can also hire a personal trainer, join a support group, read stories of other people’s progress or their photos, or anything that can help you stay focused and inline.

When you’ve found your motivation, keep it, embrace it and cherish it. With time that motivation can become more than just a little voice in your head but become a dictator to how you live your life. If your burning desire goes out, search for that desire again and reclaim its sensation. Live without any regrets, do that if you truly want to live the life you want. If you give up it’s the same as dying inside. Anything is achievable within reason as long as you worked for it. Embrace that burning motivation, keep it close and let it take a consistent ride into your future. The future will be great because you’re going to make it great.

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