WWE Raw Results February 14 2011: Rock to Host WrestleMania 27

wwe raw results

On the February 14 2011 Raw, it was CM Punk vs. John Cena to start off the night. The New Nexus was banned from ringside, and it was declared that there must be a winner. On the February 7 2011 Raw, Cena had purposely gotten himself disqualified in his match against Punk. Cena cut a promo about WrestleMania 27, and said tonight they would find out who would host WrestleMania. Cena mockingly claimed that Michael Cole would be the host. He continued to mock Cole and promote WrestleMania.

CM Punk vs. John Cena

Punk cut off Cena’s promo and informed him that he’d beaten Cena twice. The match began with a lockup. Cena charged Punk but missed, and went shoulder-first into the ring post. He fell to the outside, and Punk hit Cena with a flying clothesline. Back in the ring, Punk suplexed Cena and went for a cover but Cena kicked out. Punk caught Cena with bodyscissors but Cena fought out and tried to hook the STF. Punk made it to the ropes.

Cena took Punk down with shoulder blocks and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He tried to give him Attitude Adjustment but Punk kicked him in the face and went for a pin. Cena kicked out. Punk got Cena in another hold but Cena powered out and hit Punk with a gutwrench suplex. He got a two-count. Punk knocked Cena off the top rope and hit him with a high knee. Cena tried for the STF but Punk countered with a swinging neckbreaker.

Punk tried a pin but Cena kicked out. Punk blasted Cena with kicks and tried a pin but failed. Punk hit Cena with a crossbody from the top but Cena caught him and went for Attitude Adjustment. Punk got out of his grip and went to the outside. An arm emerged from underneath the ring and handed Punk a chair. The referee got the chair out of the ring, which allowed Punk to hit Cena with a wrench. Punk hit Cena with the GTS and pinned him for the win.

Alberto Del Rio and Edge

Alberto Del Rio came to the ring and said he didn’t care who won the Elimination Chamber, because it was his destiny to be World Heavyweight Champion. Edge came out to interrupt him and said he’d been so busy fighting Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown that he’d almost forgotten how Del Rio attacked him with a guitar on the January 31 2011 Raw. Edge then attacked Del Rio and tried for a Spear but Ricardo Rodriguez disracted him.

Edge nailed Rodriguez but Del Rio got a shot in too. Edge speared Del Rio off the apron. Vickie Guerrero came out and declared that Dolph Ziggler was the new World Heavyweight Champion, not Edge because Edge had illegally used the Spear on the previous week’s Smackdown. Vickie then claimed that Edge would lose his job because she had proof that Edge attacked Teddy Long.

Natalya Neidhart vs. Eve

Natalya took on Eve in a Lumberjills Match for the Divas Championship. They locked up and both tried to get control of the match. They knocked each other down with simultaneous dropkicks. Natalya got Eve in the Surfboard hold but Eve got out. Natalya went to the outside and was attacked by the Divas before Eve knocked them down with a splash. The match went back and forth until Eve pinned Natalya for the win. Backstage, Eve, Gail Kim and Natalya brawled with the Bellas.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Bryan and Miz locked up, and Miz knocked Bryan down with a shoulder block. They locked up again and Bryan gave Miz a hip toss followed by dropkicks. Miz booted Bryan in the face and got him in a chinlock but Bryan got out of it. They fought back and forth and Bryan knocked Miz down and followed with a dropkick. Miz fell outside the ring and Bryan connected with a flying knee. Bryan hit a dropkick from the top rope and went for a pin. Miz kicked out.

Bryan tried to lock in the LeBell Lock but Miz reached the ropes. Back from commercials, the match went back and forth with both trying to gain the upper hand. Miz finally planted Bryan face-first and followed with the Skull Crushing Finale and pinned Bryan for the win. Miz took the mic and said he hoped Jerry Lawler wouldn’t use the passing of his mother as an excuse of why he would lose to Miz at Elimination Chamber.

R-Truth and John Morrison vs. Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga

Truth and McGillicutty started the match with a lockup. Truth took McGillicutty down with hiptosses but McGillicutty pushed him out of the ring, allowing Mason Ryan to attack Truth. McGillicutty tagged in Otunga and they took turns clotheslining Truth. Truth rallied and tagged in Morrison, who went after Otunga with fists. McGillicutty tagged in and Morrison attacked with stomps and kicks. Morrison kicked McGillicutty in the head and pinned him for the win.

Khali Kiss Cam

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh came to the ring for the Khali Kiss Cam, with guest star Ariel Winter from Triple H’s new movie The Chaperone. Couples on the Khali Kiss Cam included Santino and Tamina, and Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Maryse refused to kiss Ted DiBiase and kissed Yoshi Tatsu instead. William Regal kissed Zack Ryder on the cheek. Hornswoggle gave Ariel chocolates and got a kiss on the cheek.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Orton and Sheamus locked up and traded offense, with Orton hitting Sheamus with a backbreaker and Sheamus with a knee to the face. Sheamus locked in an arm hold but Orton battled out and clotheslined Sheamus repeatedly. Orton scoopslammed him but Sheamus countered with the Irish Curse. Sheamus gave Orton a superplex but Orton retaliated with the RKO and pinned Sheamus for the win. The New Nexus raced to the ring and attacked Orton. Morrison, Truth and Cena raced out to help. Orton and Cena cleared the ring.

The Rock to Host WrestleMania 27

The arena went dark, and suddenly The Rock’s music hit. The Rock returned to Raw to thunderous approval. He proclaimed, “Finally, The Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw!” He said he had come home. He listed all of his nicknames and said tonight he was Dwayne.

Rock said he was back because of the fans. He said the fans never left him and he promised he would never leave. He said Vince McMahon told him only Justin Bieber could host WrestleMania, but Rock said he was the only man for the job. Rock promised to lay the smackdown at WrestleMania. He went on to insult The Miz and was interrupted by Michael Cole who announced he’d received an email from the GM.

Rock asked Cole if he thought Rock would let Cole interrupt him, and before Cole could answer, Rock replied with one of his catchphrases, “It doesn’t matter what you think!” and ordered Cole to know his role, and “shut your damn mouth.” Otherwise, Rock would take Cole’s computer and stick it straight up his candy ass. He then ordered Cole to sit down because he looked like a drunk hobbit.

The Rock then claimed John Cena had talked smack about him. Rock mocked Cena’s catchphrase “You Can’t See Me” and asked if he was playing peekaboo. Rock said Cena looks like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Rock promised Cena he’d see him at WrestleMania, and Miz, and everyone else. The Rock promised he would show once again that he was the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. He ended things with his biggest catchphrase, “If ya smell what The Rock is cooking.”

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